Daana | Surrender to Nature Retreat (retraite en anglais)

vendredi 24 janvier 2020 au dimanche 26 janvier 2020
18 h 30 - 16 h 00

***Cet événement est un séjour en location et non un séjour de Yoga Salamandre. Veuillez communiquer avec les personnes mentionnées sur la page de l’événement pour obtenir plus d’informations et réserver votre place.***

Yoga Salamandre offre son lieu magique en location aux intervenants qui souhaitent transmettre leurs enseignements et organiser des activités. Yoga Salamandre tient à mentionner que les intervenants sont responsables de la qualité des activités et des enseignements offerts pendant leur séjour.

Cette retraite se déroulera en anglais.


Chloe Waretini

Chloe Waretini is a facilitator, dancer and designer working in the fields of environmental action and social transformation. Growing up in the wonders of the rainforests in New Zealand, at the age of 16 she made a deep commitment to be a guardian of the living systems of our earth and to help humans find their ecological way of being within them. This has resulted in a multitude of experimental projects over the past 15 years to engage communities in connecting with and caring for their natural environment. Her favourite thing is to host people into deep, collective processes where transformative change can happen and new possibilities can come alive.

Since living in Montreal the past two years, she has grown her toolkit to include embodied practices such as Biodanza and delved into the shamanic realms of plant spirit healing. She works with a deep sensitivity and talent for creating safe spaces where people’s most beautiful contributions can come alive.


Who do you want to be and become in the age of ecological crisis?

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

2020 is more than the start of a new year, it’s the start of a new decade, the decade in which our society must make radical changes. It’s the decade in which we must realign ourselves with nature and find a deeply ecological way to be with ourselves and others on this planet.

Looking directly at the ecological crisis we’re facing is overwhelming. It seems each month more devastating reports are released and global summits being held with no meaningful progress. We care and we want to respond somehow but it’s daunting. Where do I start? Where is my power? What can I do? If we think about this crisis in layers, the base layer is ourselves. And if we’re not in alignment there then nothing we do will create anything truly different.

‘Surrender to nature’ is a call to action. It’s a process of going deep inside ourselves to discover our ways of being that are no longer in alignment and letting go. When we let go, we can find the stillness to sense how we want to be NOW. And from this place of clarity we can put ourselves into powerful action to create a better life for ourselves that is in accordance with nature – our nature and the greater nature that surrounds us.

Join us for a weekend journey into the heart of our natures, where each one of us can discover the soulful gifts we have to offer.

///// The experience :
+ Nourish yourself with a community of people who dare to enter a journey of deep connection and transformation
+ Take inspiration from connecting with nature in a stunning forest and river setting
+ Sit in stillness to bring forth your calling, dreams and values in alignment with your deep nature
+ Access the vitality of movement through dance, yoga and moving meditation
+ Go forward with new clarity and a community of support

Price and inclusions

+ 2 nights accommodation (shared rooms) in a beautiful nature retreat setting 1.5 hours from Montreal
+ Daily brunch & dinner potluck meals (see details below) + meals (potluck style)
+ Morning movement and breath practices to open the days
+ Guided meditations and time to reflect
+ Deep dialogue circles
+ Nature walks to gather wisdom from our environment
+ Space for emotional release

///// Registrations :
$100 registration + anonymous contribution
Space limited to 11 participants
Carpooling will be organized

There is an initial deposit of $100 to reserve your place and to cover the essential costs to run such a retreat. It is set at the lowest possible amount so that everyone in modern society can still participate. The deposits are non-refundable for cancellations within a week of the activity. In an invitation into the practice of generosity, your additional anonymous contribution after the retreat then goes to the venue host, facilitators, and daana and serves to keep these retreats going.

///// Meals :
In adherence with the philosophy of daana all meal preparation is assigned and shared between the participants with options to be done on site or prepared beforehand. Detailed information will be provided upon registration.

To register: https://www.globaldaana.org/class/205


Chargement de la carte…

Yoga salamandre
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Estrie, Québec

514-659-7213, sans frais : 1-800-963-1865